Benedict Farm

The Farm is based in the East Sussex Countryside near the Kent/Sussex border and has been family run for many generations now. Whilst it is not massive it is in size some 640 acres on which we grow the following crops;

  • Oilseed Rape
  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Oats (From time to time)
  • Beans
  • Linseed

The ground is a heavy clay loam which means that we do have to use artificial nutrients in the form of fertiliser so that we can produce quantities that compete with the more fertile growing of the Fen based Farms. We also currently have some 200 acres that we have dedicated to Set Aside for the conservation of wildlife.

Farming Methods

To reduce costs and to compensate for the fact that we employ no staff, harvesting is carried out by a contracting friend and his son, Nick and Robert Hales. This allows my father and I to carry out the corn carting and cultivating straight behind the combine. We have no livestock so we chop the straw at the back of the combine and then disk this straight in using the FW30 and a modified set of Simba Disks.

Once this has al been finished we then cultivate the ground with the FW30 and the 6m modified Simba spring tine cultivator. Following this is a modified MF seed drill which is pulled by an enhanced Muir Hill 121 tractor. After this comes the harrows using the Ford 8100 with flotation tyres and finally a Standard Muir Hill 121 finishes the whole proess off pulling the Simba Rolls (Yes the same that were pulled behind the FW and Simba) all this is a two man operation believe it or not.

Seed Handling

To ensure a high quality of seed for merchant buying we have a specially built corn store for the drying and storing of all that we produce. In the main drying area we have fitted a purpose built floor that allows us to distribute the high pressure air supply to any or all of the main bay. Along side this are two smaller bays that also have drying facilities that we built and installed ourselves.

Spraying and Fertilising

Up until recently we used our own home built sprayer for all of our requirements in this area. Unfortunately with the ever increasing requirements of Farm Safely, we have now had to purchase a new unit.

If you have any questions or would like further information then please email us on