Pictures and Information on Our Kennel Facilities

On this page we have pictures of our Kennels, We hope these will give you a 'feel' that reassures you about letting your dog holiday with us whilst you are off enjoying yours. We are still growing the business and continuing to invest in further enhancements as we cant afford to be static. As we do we will continue to add more pictures to the gallery for you to have a very clear picture of how we operate and that your dog(s) will be well cared for.

Look at them go....Kip and Bee having a race around one of the lovely big, fenced in Paddocks. Who is going to win???? 


As you can see the fencing is very secure here at Benedict Farm Boarding kennels, we are fenced all around both Paddocks and the farm, its great to know that the dogs are secure, for you and for us!


Here comes one happy girl, Bee, having a great time running in one of our paddocks, with her friends Poppy and Kip, here at Benedict Farm. These dogs come all the way from Suffolk to board with us. From Suffolk to East Sussex, not far is it!! 


Bee and kipper go mad! Its so lovely to watch these dogs be able to run around and burn some energy off! While Poppy watches them!


Poppy, Kipper and Bee having fun! 9.5yr old black Lab Poppy loves to go mad!! 


Bee, Kipper and Poppy having a sniff around one of our paddocks. 


Star the miniture labradoodle, Caramella and Baggio the Cockers and Molly the Golden Retriever all enjoying their group walk. 


If your dog is Mr or Mrs Sociable then he/she might be able to join in one of our supervised group walks just like these cockers, Caramella and Baggio!


Meet the Lovely Ballagh, taking in the lovely evening on a walk with Tim one night back last Summer. 


Meet George and Zoe, the two Fox Terrorists! ( I know their Human Mum will agree when I call them Terrorists!) 


Cookie and Bella are another pair who love to run.....its a good thing we have big paddocks to run them in...these two are very fast!!


 Ruby and Cosmo love coming to stay with us, they love to run in our paddocks.  


Cookie and Bella, two gorgeous chocolate labradors, such good girls and a credit to their owners.


Hunter and Bella like to bring their own beds, and here Bella is sporting her T-shirt that was covering her stitches after her spay to prevent her licking them!


Maxi loves to bring his toys with his to keep in company in his kennel! 


Marmite....he loves everyone and everything, the best thing in the world is a muddy puddle that he will lay in! 


Pippin...The smallest dog we have come to stay at Benedict Farm!


Xanda The biggest dog we have staying with us here at Benedict Farm!!


Alfie Beagle, He is such a good boy!!




Little and Large


More inside kennels


Inside kennels




Two dogs in the hotel


Cuddled up


Internal hotel kennels


Internal hotel kennels


Courtyard kennel block


Courtyard Kennel block


Outside the Hotel.


Fireman Sam and Nutmeg






Amber and Chance


Amber and Chance


Internal hotel kennels


Blaze and Flossie


Blaze and Flossie