Shollamy Labradors

We started with just one dog, a yellow male called Sammy “Sam the proud lad”. He was just the best lab ever, good at everything, and I mean everything. We then got another, this time a black bitch called Holly “Holly of Benedict” (this is how we came up with the name Shollamy!)

That was it then, we got the bug and after our first litter we decided to purchase another bitch, this time a yellow bitch called Judy “Giffords Samantha of Shollamy”. These were our foundation bitches, everything we have now goes back to them. Unfortunately we lost Sam and Holly and Jude but we do have 5 generations on both of their lines to carry on with. Click on the view our dogs link below to see the related family.

We have been breeding Labrador retrievers since 1990 now, producing happy healthy family pets. We have one or two litters a year, sometimes we don't have any! It all depends on our girls and when the time is right for them!

Our dogs all live indoors, so naturally all of our puppies are reared indoors, getting the best of everything. We have a busy farm house, with our children and family here, lots of friends in and out, hence puppies being very well socialised which we feel is one of the most important things in a puppies first 8 weeks.

All parents are carefully selected, temperaments being top of the list along with this all parents have the current eye, hip and elbow scores and certificates. We will, as from now, also be optigen testing. ( see link to Wylanbriar labs to find out more info on the optigen testing)

All puppies are Kennel club registered, (See the above link), wormed, insured, fed top of the range food (oscar) and are happy little bundles of fun.

Please, please be aware that Labrador puppies are very hard work, ideally they need someone at home for most of the time, and need lots of training right from the start.

This is a huge decision taking on a puppy for up to the next 15 years plus, so make sure it is the right decision you are making.

We are so dedicated to our puppies that we do have a contract for anyone who buys one of them…..all of my puppies have breeding endorsements placed on them, which I am happy to take off if you have all the relevant tests done and we agree that the dog is suitable for breeding from.

Please be prepared to be vetted if you are thinking of contacting us for a puppy… means more to us where our babies go than anything. We do like to keep in touch with all of our puppies, and also we are here for any advice or help we can give on anything at all.

What You Get With Your Puppy From Us

If you choose to have one of our Shollamy puppies the list below is what your puppy will be coming with.

  • A life time guarantee of support from us.
  • He/she will be KC registered.
  • Copy of His/her pedigree.
  • Copies of parents health tests.(Hips, Eyes, Elbows, CNM, Optigen)
  • Puppy folder full of information about rearing your puppy.
  • Puppy will be wormed at least 3 times.
  • Food to last a week or so.
  • Toys.
  • Blanket and vet bed smelling of his/her litter.

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