Testimonials for Shollamy Puppies

It is always nice for people who are contemplating having one of our puppies, to see what others who have one think about theirs.. We have only just started this page, so please do keep checking back for more as they come in to us and the page builds. If you have been to us and would like to add your comments to this page then please email us on the following link: My Testimonial or use the contact form.
We would like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have been gracious enough to send us your testimonials, it means a great deal to us here at Shollamy. Also thank you to all that have sent photo's of their Shaollamy bread dogs, these will be added to the relevant testimonials very shortly so please bear with us.

"Anyone wishing to make the best choice they can in acquiring a puppy (Labrador or not) will do a good amount of research. I did so and as I am sure many people will find as well, I trundled through truckloads of rather dubious information on the internet and elsewhere. I did not really find this helpful and, in the end, threw my hands in desperation up in the air and decided the best way forward was to speak to the local vets to ask for a reputable Labrador breeder. That turned out to be one of the best moves I have ever made in my life because that is how I came to meet Tracy and Tim.

Tracy vetted me and, to be fair, I vetted her and their set-up as well. From a potential puppy-owner's perspective I can say with all honesty that the 'girls' (those hairy ones with four feet!) and their litters cannot ask for more in their lives. Without being sentimental the 'girls' are Tracy's life and they get all the love, care, exercise and boundaries they need. Dog-heaven is not far off the mark. The puppies are born inside the house and grow up within the same environment as their Labrador mothers. As such Lister puppies come to their new owners packaged exactly the way they should: healthy, well socialised, used to people and household sounds, eager to please. I bought Noinu (dog) in 2007 and Khiza (bitch) in 2008 from Tim and Tracy. I would very much like to say that I chose these puppies but it will be more honest to say that they chose me. Noinu, in Tracy's words (see website), is a 'spirited' dog indeed and put me through my inexperienced paces more often than not. Tracy supported and guided me patiently because it turned out that I had to learn far more than I ever thought I needed to know. By the time Khiza arrived Noinu turned out such a great dog that he taught his sister (they are 75% related) everything she needed to know. He is/was such a good teacher that she got her KC gold at 6 months. (Noinu says I should tell you he got his at 9 months but that was only because he had to wait 2 months for an assessment).

Choosing a puppy is a big decision and it is best by far not to be made on impulse. In my opinion, and if anybody wants to make a well-informed and responsible decision, one can hardly ask for a better place to end up with than Tim and Tracy."

Johann, Noinu, Khiza

"We can remember you being very efficient and caring for your puppies first, there were strict times to view a puppy and you genuinely cared about the puppies wellbeing in there possible new home and we found also as possible new owners that you wanted to be satisfied that we were also right for the puppies wellbeing -( and we wouldn't want this any other way) .A good breeder should care about who and where there puppies are going to and act accordingly.Once we chose our pup, we were advised about all that was necessary, diet, health, training and kennelling if needed, we were inundated with leaflets and info on all that we needed to know, the rest was down to us. We felt like we were taking home a member of the family and we knew thay were at the end of the telephone if we needed them. We were given a beautiful folder with all upto date medication and jabs, plus family portraits and kennel club certificates for the whole of our dog's family, photos before birth and after, along with time of birth and position inline to other siblings. Mum and aunties to our dog were always around the puppies the whole time and the puppies were always clean and playful. This is why we chose our puppy from tracy and the family, they cared and still care about all of their offspring even after they are settled and long gone !

We would definately recommend the family as breeder's to others and we have done, we wish them every success in continuing to breed healthy, happy labs, even though we got the bonkers one!"

Tracy, Andrew, Leigh-ann, Drew Martin and Beau

"My daughter bought her very first pup, Sasha, from Tracy almost 6 years ago. So, on seeing what a beautiful dog she turned out to be and when I decided I would like a dog myself, there was only one place for me to go for a Labrador pup. My yellow girl Amber, my first Lab and Sasha's true sister, is now nearly 4 years old. She is the gentlest, brightest dog you could wish for with just enough mischief to keep me on my toes! The folder of information that came with Amber is fantastic and has been much admired by my doggy friends and even the vet (who was also impressed by her pedigree)! Tracy loves to hear about the progress of all her pups and is always on the end of the phone for advice or just a chat, all this is proof that she is the most caring of breeders. We, as a family, would never go anywhere else for a Labrador pup.

Thank you, Tracy and Tim."

Amaret Price

"My wife bought "Summer" (Shollamy Jazz) for me in 2000. What a great introduction to Pedigree Labradors! Summer is still a great dog to have around children, so gentle and puts up with all the pulling around that very young children can get up to. She keeps me fit with the walks I take her on which continue to be a real pleasure. I have never done a lot of real training with Summer, always letting her off the lead when safe but she has never strayed from me. She quickly learnt to sit by the kerb when walking along streets. She would have gone on to train with other things quite easily had I felt the need. She continues to be a wonderful companion and so very gentle in her ways. The information pack with all the photos was a great help. The after sale support on the end of the phone was always nice to have but I have to say I have used it perhaps once.

Many thanks for a lovely dog."

Jim Fairall

"I thoroughly recommend Shollamy labs as breeders. I had an A1 experience with our Labrador Rex. I have had dogs before and never had an experience like this. They understand how exciting and special it is to have a new puppy in your family and make the whole experience just great. Rex is an adorable dog and when we get another lab we will not be looking elsewhere. From advice regarding choosing the puppy to its' care as a puppy and beyond - they have always made It very clear that I can contact them at any time for any kind of advice - I have done this and they are always there for you with plenty of time to give. We even received a note on Rex's birthday with photos of the other labs. When I collected Rex I was presented with a think A4 folder containing photos of Rex's whole family and lots of really helpful advice. I really used this as my daily manual in caring for Rex.

We are over the moon with Rex's temperament - we don't have children but he has been an absolute delight and extremely gentle with the many small children and babies that we have had to stay with us. He was a really quick learner and is very obedient - a real softy although gives a good bark at the front door if someone arrives. He has not met a dog he doesn't get on with yet and is very sociable."

Claire Brock

"I was given Tracy and Tim's details by the stud dogs (Deeds) owner. I visited a couple of times before we brought Gladys home and I just loved the feel of the place, real doggy heaven. Gladys was an absolute dream of a puppy, although she can be quite the madam now! She settled in very quickly and soon became an irreplaceable member of our family. Tracy and I keep in regular contact through email and a forum that we are both members off and I know she is only ever a phone call away if I need any help or advice."

Lorna Wilson

"Lou our black labrador came to us from Shollamy Kennels at 8 weeks of age and has been a delight to have as a family dog. We were extremely impressed with all the information given to us in the form of a 'starter pack' by the breeder Tracy Lister. It is obvious that she breeds healthy well cared for dogs, and we haven't had any trouble with Lou's health in the 2 1/2 years that we have had her. She does however have to be kept on a very strict diet to maintain her wonderful figure and condition and we are often stopped and congratulated on such a 'good looking' dog. As a family pet she is wonderful with children and has reluctantly taken a bit of a 'back seat' to the new 'Boss' of the house our one year old kitten. But when Lou thinks we are not looking, she loves to chase and play with Archie both around the garden and in the house. We have been delighted with our dog, and from our experience, would highly recommend Tracy Lister as an excellent breeder of good looking, healthy Labradors."

Judith Butler

"Tracy from the start has been the consummate professional and extraordinary helpful. From first contact and after vetting me for suitability to have a pup she remained available for my many questions. As a first time dog owner I probably leaned on her more than others, Tracy simply helped me find my own way and answers without making me feel overwhelmed. I was unable to choose from the pups and asked Tracy to choose one that she felt would suit us now that she knew us more, she chose Solo who is coming up for 14 weeks now and is the a perfect match for us, he's calm and extremely easy to train with a little dash of monkey in there for fun. I would highly recommend Tracy and her Shollamy dogs. Little Solo is a joy and a privilege to have in our family."

Zoe Davis

"I found Shollamy labs via a contact from the Kennel Club website - Approved Breeder Scheme. When viewing the pups I met not only Mum but Grandma and Great Grandma - all happy, lovely-natured girls. Mum is gentle and was not at all stressed at strangers coming and picking up her babies. The pups were reared in the house and so used to all the hustle and bustle of a busy household. I was lucky enough to have pick of the litter and Echo has grown up into a wonderful boy - beautiful, with a gentle nature who loves nothing better than a game with his half brother Codee - preferably involving water or mud or better yet - both!"

Manda Nicholls

"I think the care and love you show to your dogs is second to none. I feel very lucky to have had one of your beautiful labradors. Not only is Charlie/Simba the best looking lab I have ever seen but he is so good natured; a wonderful dog to have with children, I trust him completely with little ones. He is not a thief (a trait I have noticed in friends' dogs) and he is not greedy, a common complaint about Labradors. I put it down to his bloodstock! Long may you continue with your good work of supplying the world with such handsome, healthy and adorable canines."

Elizabeth Wells

"Tracy was the 2nd breeder we had contacted when we were looking for a labrador to join our family, following our meeting with her and an introduction to the gorgeous Shollamy labs we didn't bother going to see the other breeder! Beautiful Dream, Guiness's mum, had had a litter 3 weeks before our visit and we fell in love with all the pups when we saw them. We eventually chose Guiness, our black labrador dog, he is now 2 years old and as fun as ever. He has a fab, full of beans character, he adores my son and loves being a member of our family. His temperament is tolerant, loyal and very playful. We had never owned a dog before so we relied heavily on Tracy for advice and support, we couldn't have asked for more. Everything that you could possibly think off Tracy had covered, from the early days and beyond, Tracy is there for all your and your dogs needs. It's great to know everything about Guiness's family and breeding lines and it meant that we ended up with a happy, healthy dog."

Jude, Paul & Joseph, Brighton

"What caring, responsible and knowledgeable people Tracy and Tim are. I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of buying a Labrador puppy, as I can't fault their dogs, the way they raise their pups, or the information and back up you receive, even after you bring the pup home.
I have attached a couple of recent photos of my darling Pickle, who is growing up fast."

Julie Drain XX

"Dear Tim and Tracy

I would like to commend you on the care and attention you give to all your dogs and in particular for allowing Shollamy Be Patient to become part of our family. She is the most wonderful family companion and a great advertisement for the Shollamy name. I never hesitate to recommend you to anyone wishing to add a Labrador to their family. Thank you once again."

Maria Standen

"I'd been researching my new lab pup for about 6 months & when I found Tracy (& Stori) via her website I knew I'd found my future pup. After chatting on the phone (interviewed!!) & us both asking loads of questions, Tracy kindly agreed to put me on her list for one of Stori's pups.

I can honestly say that the whole family love their dogs & the pups are brought up in their home & given the best possible start in life.

Bailey has been with me almost 7 weeks now & he has been the easiest, good natured & trainable pup I've ever had, & I put this down to the relaxed enviroment into which he was born.

He has settled well into his new home & is admired by everyone we meet.

Tracy provides a superb puppy pack - it covers everything you need to know & some things you didn't think you'd need to know. Plus she is on hand to provide any support that is needed in the early days.

I can't recommend them highly enough."

Suzanne & Bailey

"It was great to be involved from the very start, receiving progress reports on all the puppies from day 1. Tracy was happy for us to visit regularly once the puppies were old enough and went through the puppy pack in great detail. Has always been on the end of the phone if we’ve need advise and that’s been helpful."

Marilla Addis

"We bought Gracie just over a year ago and Coco this July. They are both chocolate labs. They are beautiful dogs with thick, glossy coats. They are intelligent, keen and biddable. They have a kindly nature with a strong will to please. They give our family a huge amount of pleasure and, as they are both still quite young, are often quite entertaining! We would not hesitate to recommend Lister and Sons to anyone looking for a Labrador puppy. Their ability to produce good quality litters time and again is no accident. Tim and Tracy’s commitment to the welfare of their dogs is obvious from the very beginning. Combine this with their calm, professional approach and you are in no doubt that their puppies will have been given the very best start in life.

Thank you Tim and Tracy – we love Gracie and Coco!"

Michelle Barnes

"Tracy Lister is an outstanding breeder of labradors. We have known Tracy for many years, and have seen the love and dedication with which she treats all her dogs, and of course the puppies in each carefully planned litter. The puppies are raised in the midst of this happy family home.

Tracy's puppies are indeed her "pride and joy", and her interest in their progress and health continues long after they have left her.

The unique folder of photographs and information which is compiled for each puppy gives the new owners confidence that their puppy has had an excellent start in life, and calms any concerns they might have had over the puppy's first days in its new home.

We are delighted to at last have our own Shollamy labrador and are most grateful to Tracy for "Bess be Beautiful", now 2 years old."

Glen and Cliff Robson

"We got in touch with Tracy on recommendation from friends and bought our black dog, Shadow, in July 2008. Tracy encouraged us to visit before Shadow was old enough to take home and she was always available to answer our questions and offer advice. Shadow has turned out to be a lovely dog and is a big part of family life."

Paul Zanin

"I would highly recommend Shollamy Labradors for anyone wanting to get a beautiful puppy as a new family member. As first time dog owners, Tracy has been happy to help us with questions at every stage and always takes the time to completely set our minds at rest whenever we think we have an issue.

Not only are Shollamy puppies brought up in a caring, loving home environment by Tracy and her family but real concern is clearly shown for where and how these puppies will live with their new owners. Personally, I found all this very reassuring and just as important as the pedigree aspects.

It has been a huge privilege for us to get our little puppy, Roxie, from Shollamy Labradors. Her temperament is wonderful and she has fitted in with our family so perfectly. The whole experience has been brilliant, and I know from talking to many other owners that they feel exactly the same with their Shollamy-bred puppies.

I have absolutley no hesitation in recommending Tracy and her Shollamy Labs!"

Beth Couchman