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New update for Website 2016

Pupdate....Rooi and pups 2 weeks old

More Photos of Rooi and her babies

Great start to February and Rooi's babies

More fun in the woods Jan 2015

Fun in the woods with the Shollamy gang Jan 2015

Hetti....Diabetic aware pup

Shollamy News 2014/15

Benedict Farm Boarding Kennels... News for 2015

Happy New Year!

August already!

March madness at the kennels

Rosezee's babies 2 weeks old

Rosezee and Ozzies Babies ...1 week old!

Rosezee has had her Babies!!! PUPPIES ALL RESERVED

The Kennel Cough Vaccine

February update!

Kennel news Jan 2013

Lots of Shollamy News to catch up on Jan 2013

Update for Kennels - May 2012

Kenzi has her BABY!!

Hopes Babies...July 2011

Fun at Benedict kennels in the snow

Faith's puppies now 6 week's & 2 day's

Faith's pup's 4 weeks old !!

Faith's puppies 2 weeks old

Faith has her puppies


Huni's babies nearly 7 weeks old

Huni's babies are now 5 weeks old!!!!

Huni's Babies update 3 to 4 weeks

Huni's Babies update 2 to 3 weeks

Huni Puppies update!!!!! 1 week to 2 weeks

Huni's babies update 1 week!!!

Huni has had her babies!!

New Kids on the block!!

Silver Tests

Boarding Kennel Extra Dog Walking in Kent and Sussex

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Shollamy Olasa

Shollamy She's so Lovely........Scout

Shollamy A Kiss From A Rose....Seal

Ettinsmoor Phoenix at Shollamy ( Rooi)

Shollamy Indian Summer (Pippin)

Shollamy To the Moon and Back (Luna)

Shollamy Just the way you are (Annie)

Shollamy Christmas Rose (Rosezee)

Shollamy The Story So far (Lexi Brown)

Shollamy Lilli's Loopy Loo (Lucy)

Wylanbriar Shooting Star for Shollamy (Stori)

Shollamy Gotta have Faith (Kenzi)

Melousack A Secret Shared with Shollamy (Huni)

Shollamy Aimie'able Dream (Lilli)

Shollamy Dreams Disco Diva (Diva)

Shollamy Born To Be Wild (Faith)

Shollamy Hope For Eternity (Hope)

Dairy Box Duchess (Summer)

Lougin Lavinge (Tegan)

Shollamy Mad House of Dreams (Maddie)

Shollamy Betty Boos Baby (Betsie)

Shollamy Total Perfection (Dream)

Roytan Aglish of Shollamy (Barley)

Shollamy Blissfully Unaware (Bliss)

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