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New update for Website

New update for Website

Hi everyone, so so sorry for the delay in updating the Benedict Farm Boarding Kennel website. And also the important Shollamy Labrador news. Life has been very hectic in the past year and we do not know where the time goes.

Benedict Farm Boarding kennels has come on from strength to strength, we were always busy but had a few quiet periods which are now a thing of the past, we are busy ALL of the time. Benedict farm Boarding kennels covers all areas including East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent, Battle, Hastings, Rye, and all local villages, we even have dogs from London, Herts, Liverpool, even France and Germany. 

We still have a great reputation because we feel we are different from many other kennels with the main difference being that we walk our boarding dogs 3 times a day come rain or shine, or even snow!! We pride ourselves in this and we know it keeps the dogs happy and healthy when they join us for their holidays whilst you go away and have yours! 

Shollamy news....well that was a busy year with puppies for us after having a few years off of breeding. First Rooi had her litter and Ola stayed with us, then Lexi had her litter and Lyric stayed with us, and then Scout had her litter and Guide stayed with us!!! Yes three puppies in one year for me,its been hard work but sooo worth it. Labrador puppies need training and thats what I have done, and it shows when they enjoy it so much, both Ola and Lyric enjoy their gundog work as well as obedience, Training with Kerry Barnard and her Riverrun Gundog training group is great fun, to enjoy your dog and have fun is what is called for. Its been nice keeping a pup of each colour, Ola being Fox red, Lyric being chocolate and Guide being black!